Eternal Sunshine

by b.ware

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(Eternal Sunshine is the 1st single off the upcoming mixtape, "b.ware Presents... The Red Tape Chronicles")

"i was talking to a friend who was trippin' about the tendency for a lot of niggas to wear shades at night, and how ridiculous it was. jokingly, i said, "aww c'mon, they're just waiting for the sun to shine on their lives! that's why they're wearing shades! it's real out here!" or something. a light bulb went off and i had the idea. add that to the fact that i had just seen Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, the Jim Carey movie, and how i like double-meanings... and you have what became Eternal Sunshine. i couldn't sing the chorus how i wanted it so i got Adrienne, and voila!"


(chorus) - Adrienne Walker
Eternal Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine
Eternal Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine
Eternal Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine
(sunshine, wating on the sunshine...)
Eternal Sunshine, Ohhhh

(verse 1) - b.ware
Unh, smooth it out, Justice
i need canvas for my brushes... help me paint it
dance if you choose, macarena it
i prefer you chill on couch plushes... smoke a book
drink the knowledge, but sip, these words are slushes
brain freeze if you guzzle it, easy, don't rush it
it ain't a tease, streets is dangerous
the corners live, brothers is fly, with sunshades applied
waiting for eternal sunshine, but
my eyes spy grim beginnings, litigant from sinning
with infinite penitence, but is repentance still forgiven when
it's so evil you're forgetting him
the serum is so lethal your will to win is dwindling
huh, some say Islam is deliverance and Christians some hypocrites
hmmm, well i don't know bruh, but Love is Blacker than my culture, unh!

(bridge) - b.ware
they say we should all know and hold
(and hold)
wisdom for our souls to grow
(to grow)
but we reap all the woe they've sown
(we reap the woe... they've sown)
now driven from our homes we roam
(now... driven from our homes... roam, waitin' fo')
waiting for...

(Chorus) - Adrienne Walker

(verse 2) - b.ware
ah! our minds will never be spotless
the problem is the propagandizes got us hostage
with broken promises, how long will we sit and watch this
hoping we'd be set free from these evils once we Barack'd it... the vote
but it's by design you suffer, brother, real quote
they kill your folks 'cause if you rise they fall, trust each other
heal the ills prevalent in your urban sprawl
shepherd like german dogs these black sheep, and we can build hope
this approach is flax seed, good for heart
my bottom-boys ain't Backstreet, they hood-hard
when it's dark, they packin' heat like thermos
learn-ed with wicked wisdom to get ya to hell's furnace
permanent, learning, i assert
it's sun on the other side, with clean lives
we'll see it's light and let it settle in
preserve the melanin prevalent in ya skin
take oath with kin, till we're one with our origin
like that! ...real rap, baby

(bridge) - b.ware

(chorus) - Adrienne Walker
(waiting fo'... ohh, ohh... waitin fo')

(verse 3) - b.ware
by the way, this here is eternal
discernible words, learn a few
earnest, to my niggas carrying cross
and women behind the nails like cuticle, cue the flutes
my musical from up above to you
there's nothing new under the sun, beautiful
so when like is cumbersome, your faith is cummerbund
who woulda knew they would take, these traps you can escape
hey, never run away, our babies at stake
i wanna awake and see...

(chorus) - Adrienne Walker

(talking) - b.ware
me and my folks, waiting on the sunshine... eternal sunshine... yeah...


released August 3, 2010
Written by Brandon Ware
Produced by Justice
Additional Vocals by Adrienne Walker
Recorded at Rich Productions in Marietta, GA
Mixed by Peter Richmond



all rights reserved


b.ware Atlanta, Georgia

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